How to Choose the Perfect RV

July 15th, 2014 - Filed under Camping Tips, RV Tips

So you have decided to purchase an RV. Congratulations! Whether it is your very first one or one of many that you have purchased, there are a lot of things that should be considered before you make that oftentimes costly purchase.

There are many different types and styles on the market, from small ones to big ones, to ones that could be your home away from home, and that many choices can be very confusing. This article will try to walk you through the choices that are available, and you will hopefully come up with the one that is perfect for you and your family.

How to Choose an RV

Choosing the Perfect RV for You

When the choosing an RV, the first thing to consider and probably the most obvious is the size of your family. Nothing can ruin a family vacation quicker than a family of five stuffed like sardines in a pop-up camper meant for only two people. On the other hand, a retired couple whose children have grown and left home would be lost in a motor coach that sleeps six or more. A happy medium needs to be settle on, one that will give you the most bang for your buck.

The website gives a really good run down on the types and styles that are available, and is a good resource for the prospective buyer.

The smallest campers available include the teardrop, pop-up and A-liner. These are good for two or three people, and can be pulled by just about any mid-sized vehicle. They also attach to the bumper mounted hitch.

In the pop-up, the camper portion pops up and folds out to make a larger space than the trailer itself.

Usually there are sleeping areas at the front and back and a small area in between where you enter the camper.

These lightweight campers are good for light traveling and vacation camping. One thing these lack is living space. Also to consider is the lack of privacy for toilet use, or even the lack of a toilet altogether.

They are compact for travel and open up just enough for a couple of people or small family.

The next RV to consider is the fifth wheel trailer. This RV style is pulled by a hitch mounted in the bed of a truck. This hitch is not on the bumper like a bumper pull.

The 5th wheel trailer is built so the tongue of the trailer fits over the truck bed and slides into the hitch.

This joins the two vehicles together better than the pull behind style, for more stability. These are a very popular kind of camping RV.

A class hitch is mounted under the vehicle and attaches to the camper by a tow bar and mounting ball.

The tongue of the camper is made about bumper high to a truck so as to be in line with the towing.

The interior of the 5th wheel trailer can be quite roomy. There are various floor plans of fifth wheels with bedrooms, bathrooms, common living space, dining areas and more. Every manufacturer will have their own floor plans to choose from, and it is up to the buyer to determine what ultimately best suits their needs. One popular floor plan even has the living area in the front of the 5th wheel as opposed to the usual floor plan with the bedroom in the front.

Many fifth wheels come equipped with slide outs that, with a simple push of a button, move sections of the trailer out to create more space inside. Some 5th wheels have as many as four slide outs. It’s best to determine the size and features that best suit you by walking through the trailer for yourself. This allows you to imagine the comfort and travels you could have in that particular RV.

Somewhere in the middle of different styles is the popular toy hauler RV. These are a good choice for those campers who like to bring a lot of toys along with them such as ATVs and motorcycles. One end of these RV style campers opens up to the outside and has open space inside for storage. You can carry tool boxes and your small recreational toys along with you. The front part of the trailer is for living quarters. You will find enough room to accommodate your family and comfortable seating and sleeping areas.

Toy haulers can be either fifth wheels or motor coaches and can be quite light.

Finally, there is the motor coach, the biggest RV of them all. The motor coach is just another name for a motor home, or a home with a motor. You drive this travel trailer to your destination and where you park it is where it stays.

These are different than the other campers we have looked at. Most people pull a vehicle, called a dinghy, with these trailers instead of a vehicle pulling a camper, the RV will pull a vehicle. This is because you will need a means of transportation after setting up your trailer.

These trailers are spacious and often have fancier interior design and more options. You could live in a motor home just as you would a mobile home.

A variation of the motor coach is a hi-low RV. A hi-lo camper is a little different than a regular RV because the top lowers down. That means you can’t put anything in this camper without laying it down whenever you are ready to lower the top.

It is electric and is easy to use. The main thing to remember is to keep your things away from the wall area when lowering.

Motor coaches are the largest of the RVs and can often sleep more than six people. They also have the most amenities, including full kitchens, full bathrooms and even air conditioning. This is the most popular choice for those campers who are seeking the comforts of home.

For those who are still undecided, a good way to get an idea of what you are looking for is to look around a campground and see what kind of RVs are available. Just ride through and look at the different campers and what company makes them. It will give you an idea of what design you like and then you will know where to look for the dealership of your choice.

Be sure to check your vehicle’s towing rates before you go looking for your camper. You can only pull a camper within the weight limits of the vehicle you plan to pull with.

So there you have it, several different types and styles of RVs. I hope I have made it easier to make a decision and you will enjoy many years of camping!