Hot New Products for RV Campers

October 14th, 2014 - Filed under Camping Tips, RV Tips

There are a lot of hot new products for RV campers and surprisingly, one of the hottest of all is a trailer itself!

Keith Hanna, of Barrett RV in Queensbury is very excited about the new Ever Lite trailer from Evergreen and took the time to show off all the features that will definitely make a camper’s life easier and more comfortable. Barrett RV, owned by Matt Barrett, third generation, has been in business since 1995 and overall in business for 60 years, is the only dealer who stocks these units within a 100 mile radius and Hanna couldn’t be more proud of that, or of the business.

“We offer full-service RV repair with the most ability in the area,” Hanna said. “We can do everything from roof repairs to replacing buttons on awnings to tires. We are one building under one family ownership.”

Hanna wanted readers to know that Barrett RV is different from other RV dealerships because the people who work there are all lovers of the outdoors and avid campers.

“We’ve been camping, we know what and does not work,” Hanna said.

The Ever Lite’s most distinctive feature is a new technology called Compositek, which replaces old insulation material and virtually prevents leaks from happening in the first place, much less spreading.
This material, which is used only in these campers, combined with a double-welded aluminum structure, makes these campers surprisingly light and easy to tow with a ½ ton pickup.

The Compositek, a foam-like product, is used in all walls, floors and ceilings, what Hanna calls six-sided construction. Hanna said if for any reason there is a leak, that material will stop the water from spreading. This material also makes the camper more resistant to rot, mold and mildew.

“Compositek is one of the best things to hit the RV business and that is what is making Evergreen take off,” Hanna said.

Other outdoor features of the Ever Lite include an on-demand hot water heater. This means there is constant hot water availability. The roof of the trailer consists of reflective, white TPO. Evergreen is the only manufacturer that has been given the rights to use this material which is unique and longer-lasting that standard roofs. It can be more exposed to the elements and won’t deteriorate as quickly. This camper also has a 42 inch slide out, which is much deeper than standard slide-outs.

The feature that Hanna likes best is the control panel. Hanna said everything on the camper is power-activated and on one control panel, except for the power jack stabilizers. When you get to the campground, you plug into the power outlet and the control panel does the rest. It opens the slide outs, opens the awning, turns on most lights and even has its own check indicators for tanks and batteries.

“The only thing that would make it easier is if it was voice activated,” Hanna said with a laugh.

The particular model I saw was the 29 KIS. At 29 feet, it is very roomy and sleeps six comfortably. It has a kitchen island and the mattress in the master bedroom is a standard queen-sized mattress, making it bigger than other camper’s mattresses. All the lighting is LED, which doesn’t pull as much power. The floor contains enclosed ducted heat and is composed of a bottom layer of Compositek, and there is an all-in-one thermostat, which controls both heating and air conditioning.

Another feature that Hanna likes is the camper is 99 percent formaldehyde free due to the use of Compositek. This means there is almost no odor and is better for people with allergies.

The bathroom is big enough for two people to stand in and the kitchen features sold wood drawers, with an automatic refrigerator, meaning it operates on propane if there is no electricity available.

The feature I thought was really cool was the swivel TV. This means that if you are in the living area, you can watch the TV, but if you are ready to go to bed, it will swivel around so you can watch TV from the bedroom. There is also an all-in-one stereo surround sound system which has a radio, a CD player, a DVD player, an MP3 player, a USB port and an auxiliary port.

Finally the Ever Lite comes with a one-year 24/7 roadside assistance program.

Not to be forgotten are the camping accessories and Hanna was happy to showcase all the latest gadgets, sure to please most every camper.

First up is the 15-foot Rhino Flex Sewer Kit. It includes hook up, 15-foot hose and a four-in-one adapter. This kit will make disposing of waste water easier and it is more durable and longer lasting.

Next is Max Air Vent Covers. These go over a standard vent and helps protect the vent lid. It also controls the air flow in and out to make for a more even flow. It also has a hinge point that allows for easy access to the vent.

The Thetford SmartTote will make life easier for dry campers. It is a portable waste water storage container and holds between 18-32 gallons, depending on the size. It will hook up to the side of your truck and features a flexible hose that hooks up to your camper and has a fill indicator that pops up when the tank is full.

RV step rugs are another new product that will make camping life easier they came in different shapes and sizes that will fit most camper steps and are very easy to install. They protect the steps and provide a grip.

Another new product is an awning mat. This will provide a dirt-free area under your awning, while still allowing dirt and water to filter below it because of its loomed construction. It comes in assorted sizes and colors and are available at Barrett’s with a 10 percent discount right now.

Finally, Hanna wanted campers to know that Barrett’s stocks all basic camper needs and can do road calls to campers on-site at Lake George Escape. For more information on Barret RV, please visit them online at or call them at (518) 745-8793.