Employee Spotlight: Duane Bullard, Activities Director

January 19th, 2021 - Filed under Employee Spotlight
Duane with pirate hat for event

Ambassador of Fun, Duane Bullard

It’s always fun to highlight a different team member of the many here at Lake George Escape! These are the folks who work behind the scenes to make your experience at Lake George Escape the most fun and memorable. The team at Lake George Escape is one of the many reasons why campers come back year after year. Learn more about the guy behind the magic of fun & games, Duane Bullard,  Activities Director!

NAME: Duane Bullard


TITLE: Activities Director

WORK LOCATION: Lake George Escape

FAVORITE HOBBIES OR SPORTS OR CAUSES: Spending time with my 3 wonderful daughters, DJing, Adirondack Ballet Company, and Glens Falls Community Theater.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your position at LGE?

Having a group of families really get engaged in an activity.

How do you help make guest stays at LGE awesome?

My team and I are ambassadors of fun!  We are making crafts, playing a game on the sports field on a daily basis, or it’s Family Survivor Week and we’re cheering the families on!

What do you find unique or special about LGE?

Lake George Escape is not just a campground, campgrounds are great, but we are a camping resort!  Resort=Families=Fun=Activities

Can you use 3 words to describe LGE for someone who has never been before?

Families, Fun, Engaging

What are some of your favorite local attractions that you recommend to visitors of Lake George?

We have so many great attractions!  Visit Saratoga Springs for horse racing and trendy downtown shopping or Lake George Village has something for everyone or Bolton Landing, the hidden gem.

What accomplishment at Lake George Escape are you most proud of and why?

I would say my biggest accomplishment has been to re-create an awesome experience year after year.  Sometimes that means having new fun themed weeks or expanding on existing themes.  Like Halloween or Christmas in July.

What’s your favorite funny or unique story to tell about your time at LGE?

I drove past one of cabins with a wooden porch and there was a guy getting ready to start a campfire.  I waived and said hi as I passed by, he returned the wave and greeting.  As I drove my brain was processing what I saw.  I turned around and asked the man what he was doing?  He replied, it was drizzling rain, so he thought it be best to build the fire on the porch.  Well I saw the lights turn on, and we both got a great laugh out of it.

Can you share your favorite memory from working at LGE?

Before I started working in the activities department, I was the house DJ for a few years.  The best has been watching the kids grow up and interacting with the families year after year.

Can you recall a time when the guests at your property surprised you?

We have the best guests and I am always surprised with their generosity.  People have shared food with me or helped set up a game or a project or just shared a genuine hi, how are you.

Can you share an example of how LGE exemplifies the idea of community?

In Fun and Games, it’s everything we do!!

Why do you think guests keep coming back to LGE?

We have great people.  From employees or team members to spring or fall flingers to our seasonal guests, they are all great people who care about each other and demonstrate a perfect example of family!

Do you have any final words or thoughts to share?

I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to share my experience with my teammates and Lake George Escape.  I have never enjoyed such an amazing relationship with my co-workers, EVER.  I never thought I would find a way to earn a living have so much fun, meet so many people that will be lifelong friends and help inspire families to put down the electronics work together and create memories that will last a lifetime.