Adirondack Balloon Festival: September 21-24, 2017

September 7th, 2017 - Filed under Day Trips Near Lake George, Events

Adirondack Balloon Festival

Every September, a magical event can be seen among the clouds over the Adirondacks. From the fields at Warren County Airport, look up to witness scores of colorful hot air balloons traversing the sky in a picturesque scene at the 45th Annual Adirondack Balloon Festival,  which runs from September 21-24.

This festival is a real gem among so many other great events slated to happen in the Lake George region this fall. The Adirondack Balloon Festival is completely free to attend but there is a per-person charge to ride in the basket of one of these balloons. Expect a balloon launch on each day where hundreds of balloons of both traditional and nontraditional shapes take to the sky, filling the heavens with a plethora of shapes and color. Also, be sure to catch the evening launches where all of the balloons launched will literally glow in the night sky. The Adirondack Balloon Festival will also feature local vendors, musical performances, special opening and closing ceremonies, and other activities for the whole family to enjoy. Remember to wear layers and consider leaving your dogs at home – some dogs may feel overwhelmed or startled by the propane gas engines that whirr and make loud noises upon starting the balloons.

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