5 Fun Rainy Day Camping Activities

June 26th, 2014 - Filed under Fun Camping Ideas

When you’re camping, the rain can be a real bummer, but don’t let it stop your fun! The weather can change quickly, so be sure to pack some of these rainy day camping activities so you can be prepared for your family to have fun in all kinds of weather..

1. Board & Card Games

In case of rain during your camping trip, pack a couple of board or card games that are perfect for the whole family. Board and card games are a great rainy day camping activity and allow everyone to get involved in the fun. If you have a larger group, set up a few different game stations and have players rotate to different games at regular intervals to encourage variety.

2. Reading

Whether you’re waiting for an unexpected rain storm to pass, or the day is a total wash-out, reading can be a fun and relaxing way to pass the time.  Pack a couple of books you’ve been meaning to read and encourage your child to bring some from their summer reading list. Taking time to enjoy a good book during a rainy day is a great way to unwind and detox from the stresses of everyday life.

3. Watch a Movie

Watching some of your favorite movies together is another great rainy day camping activity your whole family can enjoy. Bring along some popcorn and DVD’s of your family’s favorite films or movies that you haven’t seen yet. Don’t have a TV? No problem! Head to Aviation Mall, located less than 20 minutes away from Lake George Escape to watch one of the summer’s latest blockbusters in their movie theater.

4. Go Shopping

If it looks like your day is going to be a total washout, consider heading to the mall for the day. Just under a 15 minute drive from Lake George Escape, the Adirondack Outlet Mall is a popular shopping destination for great deals, good food and more. Shopping can be a fun rainy day activity that the whole family can enjoy

5. Coloring & Activity Books

Listening to the rain while coloring is a rainy day camping activity that is a great way for kids at heart and kids of all ages to pass the time. Even if rain isn’t in the forecast, the weather can change quickly so be sure to pack some coloring or activity books plus colored pencils, markers or crayons for some coloring fun for the whole family.

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Rainy Day Camping Activities