Hookup Troubleshooting Guide

Please consult this guide PRIOR to reporting maintenance trouble on your campsite.

Following this guide will help you to diagnose and repair your most common hookup problems.


Anti-siphon devices (BPD) will be present at your water connection. These protect our water supply and do not affect water pressure. These BPD valves are required by NY State Department of Health. Do not attempt to remove them as damage will occur. Do Not Remove. If you are missing an anti-siphon device, please notify the office.
All campsites are serviced by our privately maintained well water system.

Low Pressure


  • Water pressure at campsites is typically no more than 50 pounds. Use of your own regulator on our system may result in poor pressure inside your RV.
  • Check your hose filters for debris.
  • Check for kinks in your water hose.
  • Use of a rubber garden hose will result in poor water taste. Use vinyl drinking water hose ONLY.
  • If a problem continues to exist, please contact the office.

Septic Sewer

When campsites are equipped with a septic system, guests are required to connect to our 4″ sewer hookups (for grey and black water) with a sealed connection. Sewer supplies are for sale at our store.

Full Tanks

The following procedure should be used to empty your full tanks. Following these guidelines will assure that solids and liquids are mixed for the best possible drainage.

  1. Sewer hose must be free of kinks and supported above ground from RV outlet to sewer inlet.
  2. Evacuation valves must be kept CLOSED when accumulating sewage during RV use. These tanks are designed to be opened only when the tank is ready to be dumped. Use of digesting chemicals and marine toilet tissue is also required to avoid clogs.
  3. Start with a test dump using your grey water (required to assure that no sewage will be spilled on the ground). Let out enough water to assure that hose is draining. When proper drainage has been established, evacuate your BLACK WATER tank fully followed by a GREY WATER rinse dump.
  4. Close the valves to both tanks.
  5. Be sure that sewer cap is left on our sewer connection when sewer is not in use. If you find that proper drainage does not result after your test dump, leave your valves closed and remove your flexible drainage hose. Inspect the hose for obvious obstructions. If no blockage is found, report trouble to office staff.
  6. To prevent blockages, ensure that you are not flushing wipes, paper towels or any sort of feminine products, please dispose into a trash receptacle.

Electrical Service- 20/30/50 amp

Campsites require a 20amp, 30amp or 50-amp receptacle plug.

  • 120-volt plug adapters are available at our store.
  • Be sure that you are using a UL approved cord.
  • Our power pedestals are designed to only service power via one receptacle at a time.
  • No additional plug ins are allowed on the electrical pedestal without prior approval by management.

No Electricity / Tripped Breaker


  • Drawing electricity in excess of 50 amps will result in “tripping” a breaker in our box.
  • Please check power at our receptacle on the pole prior to reporting maintenance trouble. Loss of power in your RV may be the result of your tripped breaker, tripped ground fault receptacle or faulty wiring in your RV.

Cable TV

All campsites are provided with a connection to enjoy Spectrum analog CATV. We suggest that our guests use professionally manufactured coaxial cables to connect to our hookup. A poorly constructed cord is the usual cause of poor cable TV reception.

Poor Reception or Low # of Channels.


Check the following points prior to requesting service.

  • Many RV’s are equipped with an A/B switch for use in switching between antenna and cable service. Your switch must be in the CABLE TV position.
  • Our CATV is analog channels. If you do not receive any channels upon connecting to the post, please run your TVs through an auto-scan. This function can be accessed on most TVs through the remote by clicking the menu button.
  • If you are still not receiving quality reception after checking the above, try bypassing your RV wiring by connecting the TV directly to our hookup with a professionally manufactured coaxial cable. If the problem is corrected, the trouble is the result of faulty wiring in your RV.
  • If you request service, we will disconnect your RV from our outlet and connect our own TV. If proper reception is found, the trouble is with your coaxial cable, TV or RV wiring.

Please Note
We will not provide equipment evaluation of your RV systems. When we respond to a service call our technician will disconnect your RV from our hookup pole and check the cable service for quality. If you are not at your campsite at the time we perform service, we will leave a message posted on your RV door.