Late Arrivals Guide

Campground personnel may not be available to assist you in your arrival after 8 pm. If you plan to arrive after that time please call the campground at (518) 623-3207, option 3. Our staff will provide directions to assist you and will ensure your balance, if any, is paid before your arrival.

If you arrive after hours your arrival packet will be placed in our “Guest Late Check In” box outside the Lodge.

As you approach the main doors to the store/lodge the “Guest Late Check In” box is to the right of the doors.

The box is separated into compartments in alphabetical order. Your arrival packet will be in the compartment with the first letter of your last name.

Your arrival packet consists of a car tag with your site number and the gate code, a campground map and any other information that needs to be passed on that day.

The car tag hangs from your rear-view mirror and has your site number and the gate code. Locate the site number on the map, enter the gate code into the pedestal as you pass through the gate and enjoy your stay.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our overnight Security at (518) 708-3490